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Dental Tax Accountant


We are professional accountants specializing in tax planning and customizing financial strategies to help you through your dental career. We offer a wide range of tax and accounting services:

Our dental accounting & bookkeeping services include:

  •   Financial Statement Preparation
    • Monthly Bookkeeping for dentists
    • New Business Accounting System Set-up
    • Corporate Tax Return Preparation – T2
    • Personal Tax Return Preparation – T1
    • Tax Planning
    • Preparation and Filing of T4 Slips (For salaries)
    • Preparation and Filing of T5 Slips (For Dividends)
    • Incorporation and Corporate Reorganization
    • Dealing with CRA Inquiries and audits
    • Analysis and Consulting for Investing, financing, real estate investing


Choosing the right accountant is one of the most crucial decisions you will make for your business. In order for you to effectively compete and succeed in today’s business environment, you need an accountant who is experienced, dedicated, and work with you as a part of your team.

Our in-depth experience with the dental accounting, combined with our accurate monthly reporting puts you in the driver seat by monitoring your financial performance on regular basis.


OnTrack Accounting helps dentists efficiently manage all their bookkeeping; from processing your payroll and handling your cash flow, to overall helping you run your business.

We help you manage the day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll and accounting issues, so that you can focus your full attention to run and grow your dental practice and have so much more free time

We offer fixed-fee dental bookkeeping services. This means there is no surprises when it comes to our fees and we do not charge extra for phone calls, meetings, or responding to CRA inquiries.

Tax Preparation

It’s all about the planning, filing your T2 – Corporate Tax return and your T1 – Personal Tax Return is not rocket science, yes of course it is complex and can be confusing and time-consuming. But it is the art behind it not just the science. Save yourself the headache and allow our professional tax accountants prepare and file your taxes correctly and in a timely manner.

Tax Planning

The game here is being proactive rather than being reactive, it’s all about the planning. It all starts with accurate and timely bookkeeping, which allows us together as a team to review your financial reports way before the year end and make tax planning decisions accordingly. Comes the time to file your taxes, you know exactly what to expect and there is no surprises.

Paying less tax, keeping more of your hard-earned money and increasing your cash flow are the basics. But also keeping in mind your financing capabilities and borrowing qualifications is very crucial while we are working on your tax plan.

Tax Planning is an art and science; it is a dynamic process as it is never carved in stone. Your Tax Plan is an active strategy and it should be reviewed and changed as your financial goals change and also changes to your personal life style from year to year