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Corporate Income Tax Services in Oakville

Tax Accountant

Whether it is an incorporated businesses, sole proprietorship, real estate property renters, partnerships or self-employed individuals, We at OnTrack Accounting are tax professionals providing tailored solutions and fine detailed approach, to each specific case for various tax filing requirements.

At OnTrack Accounting, we pride ourselves on “listening” to our clients. We provide personal, business, and corporate tax filing services in Oakville, Mississauga and most of the GTA area:

T1 – Personal Tax – Sole proprietorship and Partnerships Tax Filing
T2 – Corporate Tax Filing
T3 – Trust Tax Filing


Personal Tax Return – T1 Preparation & E-filing Services: 

We provide professional and prompt service in preparing and filing your Personal Tax Return – T1 Returns.

While personal taxes are typically simple and there are a lot of Free “Do it yourself” resources and software’s available in the market and online, however personal taxes are also very dynamic and you may either leave money on the table, by not taking into consideration all tax credits which may be available to you, or you may end up making a minor error which could lead to a much more difficult and time consuming process to fix this error.

We know how to maximize your benefit and minimize your tax burden. Our experienced and highly educated tax professionals will analyze your tax situation and prepare your Personal Tax Return – T1 Return accordingly.

With two locations to serve you, we offer personal tax return filing services in Mississauga and Oakville, you can also send your documents to us online or by email and we will process your T1 returns and send it back to you electronically.

Finally, you will get the answer about all your tax related questions in relevance to your situation.

• T1 – Personal Tax returns for individuals, Sole proprietorship, self-employed and partnerships

• RRSP Contribution planning

• Review and analyze other prepared returns


Corporate Tax Return preparation and filing services – T2 

OnTrack Accounting is proud to offer T2 / Corporate tax preparation and filing services for small and medium sized corporations in Mississauga, Oakville and most of the GTA.

As Professional Corporate Tax Accountants in Mississauga and Oakville, we work with each and every client to design a corporate tax return and tax planning strategy to ensure that the distinctive needs of each of our clients are satisfied. Our experienced Corporate Tax Accountants are available to provide dedicated assistance in dealing with corporate taxes for any situation.

At OnTrack accounting we understand that you have solid goals for your business and we’re here to help you achieve them. As highly trained corporate tax accountants, we’re up to date on all the latest tax laws, so we can deliver the best solutions for your business.